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Whether you choose to have a cutting-edge, contemporary kitchen, a traditional Victorian hallway or a 400 year old Barn like ours, storage is always going to be a crucial part of any interior design.

So in the first of an occasional series featuring some of our favourite interior brands, I’m shining the storage spotlight on  The Painted Furniture Company to see what they have on offer…

One of the most important places to have plenty of storage is the bedroom. Shoes, clothes, cosmetics and accessories can all easily start to clutter up a place that should be relaxing and peaceful. A beautiful wardrobe, chest of drawers or bedside table is the perfect way to hide away your bits and bobs and keep your bedroom as the calm sanctuary you deserve.

The Painted Furniture Company has several ranges of bedroom furniture, all of which include storage solutions. Some of their most popular and versatile pieces are the 3 over 4 chest of drawers. This configuration of drawers not only provides generous amounts of storage but looks very attractive, especially when painted in some of their trademark vintage shades.

Three over four drawers from The Painted Furniture Company


Millbrook bedroom range

Millbrook Painted Bedroom Furniture collection from £219.00


The bedroom isn’t the only place which can benefit from beautiful storage solutions. I’ve written before about our need for lots of storage in the kids’ playroom and The Painted Furniture Company also has some great products for the living room, hallway and dining room. From coffee tables and bookcases to the ultimate storage solution; a stunning traditional dresser, there are almost too many options to choose from. Each piece is built to order, which is somewhat unusual these days.

Oxford from the Painted Furniture Company

Oxford 4ft Storage Coffee Table: From £579.00 / Oxford Large Console Table: From £449.00
Oxford Medium Half Panel Bookcase: From £429.00


For situations when space is at a premium, you need clever storage ideas which fit neatly into otherwise unused areas of the house. The Painted Furniture Company’s low wardrobes, for example, slot neatly into alcoves, those difficult spots under the stairs, or even in low-ceilinged cottages. Measuring just 134cm high they are available in the three standard widths or can be bespoke sized to your exact requirements – brilliant for a house like ours where the children’s bedrooms are in the eaves with really sloping ceilings!

Oxford Low Wardrobe from the Painted Furniture Company

Oxford Small Low Full Hanging Wardrobe Price: £569.00


We’re very particular about any new pieces of furniture fitting in with our 400 year old barn so I was pleased to hear that The Painted Furniture Company has a team of experts who can advise about their bespoke options. From matching paint shades to the Farrow & Ball colour palette to creating pieces in unique sizes and configurations, they’ll go the extra mile to make sure you end up with a final product that you love. Brilliant eh?

Adam Brown, Director at The Painted Furniture Company told me:

“Storage is a crucial part of any interior design, but all too often these items become objects of necessity rather than things we really love having in our homes. Here at The Painted Furniture Company, we aim to ensure that every piece of furniture purchased from us is beautiful enough to work as a feature all on its own, rather than just acting as a place to ‘hide things away’.

Quality manufacturing is at the heart of everything we do, so you can be sure that all our products are not only solid and durable enough to stand the test of time, but are lovingly made by expert craftsmen. We believe this level of workmanship can be seen in the final product, be it a statement dresser to display your beloved china collection, or a low bookcase or wardrobe to slot neatly into that wasted space under the stairs.”

Oxford bedroom furniture from The Painted Furniture Company

Now, call me nosey but I love hearing about the quirky stories behind brands and this is no exception! Adam and Rosy, the names behind the company, had been in the furniture business for some time before the Painted Furniture Co. brand was really launched in 2010 and one afternoon they got a bit bored…

“We always strived to have something a little different in our Cotswolds showroom and, much as we love the Oak furniture we grew up with, we were really struggling to bring some life and colour back into the showroom, everything was just a bit… well brown!

“Just for fun one afternoon we asked one of our suppliers to paint our bestselling Oak collection in a nice grey-green, the colour we always called the Cotswolds window frame colour, just to see what it looked like. Well, when they had picked themselves back up off the floor and stopped spluttering, they swapped the lacquer in the spray gun for a colour we called Rockford and sprayed a Cotswold collection dresser for us.

“The results were stunning, finally we had a collection of furniture which we already knew was properly made and great quality but we could now have some fun offering it in all sorts of colours. The idea of brightening up the showroom with our new furniture collection had to wait a couple of weeks though because the first piece was so good it somehow bypassed the showroom completely and ended up in our house! It’s still there today and the Cotswold Dresser in Rockford paint remains one of our best-selling dressers.”

Don’t you just love this story?

We’re big fans of this beautiful range of storage at The Barn and if there’s one investment which will prove its worth over and over again, it’s a top-quality piece of storage furniture.

Who are your favourite storage brands?

Oxford Console from The Painted Furniture Company

Oxford Large Console Table prices start at £449.00

The Painted Furniture Company

17-19 Gosditch Street,
Tel: 01285 656 041


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