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With two little ones under six years old, safety in the kitchen is really important. I have nightmares about one of them tipping a pan of hot water over themselves or getting badly cut with a knife or scissors. So when Joseph Joseph asked if we’d like to try out their new innovative child-safe knife block I jumped at the chance.

Joseph Joseph Lockblock

Safe doesn’t have to mean frumpy – just look at this beauty. Clean lines that could grace any kitchen! A patent-pending Cam-Lock mechanism locks knives firmly inside the block and with the set that we reviewed, which includes knives, the colour coding means it’s easy to select the right knife and put it back in place.

Joseph Joseph Lockblock Knife Block

To release any of the knives (and it’s worth pointing out here that the block will work with most knives not just Joseph Joseph ones) you just need to pull up on one of the catches on the side – there is one each side for left or right-handed cooks. This releases the Cam-Lock mechanism inside and the knife slides out easily. Otherwise they’re stuck firmly into the block so little hands can’t remove them. According to Joseph Joseph in tests 96% of children aged 5 and under were unable to take out the knives.

Cam-lock mechanism

But I know this because I didn’t rely on the test results.

With my heart in my mouth – and an extra pair of adult hands nearby just in case! – we gave the block to our two and a half year old to see if he could pull a knife out. After a few scary moments and a lot of huffing and puffing he gave up. “It’s broken!” he said crossly. Cue Mummy beaming all over her face.

The knives that came with our block aren’t just sharp – they’re SUPER sharp. Made from forged Japanese stainless-steel with hand-finished taper-ground edges I seriously I think they’re chef quality and could slice through almost anything. They have ergonomic easy-grip handles which make them feel great in your hand and prevent any nasty slippage, even when wet, and they’ve certainly made short work of everything at The Barn from turnips and sweet potatoes to meat, dish, fruit and bread.

Joseph Joseph knife

The Joseph Joseph LockBlock is definitely the safest knife block we’ve come across and such a simple but clever innovation it makes you wonder why it hasn’t been thought of before!

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Joseph Joseph Lock Block

Joseph Joseph Lock Block also available at Lakeland

Infographic: Kitchen safety

While we’re on the subject of safety in the kitchen here’s my top tips for keeping the kitchen a safe place when the little people are about. Feel free to share or pin it.

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