Stuffed peppers is a great use-up-leftovers dish because you can combine more or less whatever you have in the fridge with cooked rice to make the stuffing. It’s a quick […]

Intelligent Waste Totem Bin review at JosephJoseph at TheEssexBarn

Do you have a problem with kitchen bin overspill? If you’re anything like us at The Barn we have more recycling each week than our kitchen bin could handle. I […]

How to make the most amazing granola

We love granola here at The Barn. The crunchy, oaty, fruitiness of it, the way you can eat it straight out  of the packet or mixed with yoghurt, sprinkled over porridge […]

Joseph Joseph peelers

Did you see recently that Moley Robotics and BBC Masterchef winner 2011 Tim Anderson have trained a robot to cook thousands of dishes? While I’d quite like an extra pair of hands in […]

Joseph Joseph knife block

With two little ones under six years old, safety in the kitchen is really important. I have nightmares about one of them tipping a pan of hot water over themselves […]